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18 September 2023

Why use photo realistic visuals as part of a design presentation

Just a quick video to discuss the advantages of using photorealistic visuals. Having worked for many years within retail as a head of design for one company or another, I used to thoroughly enjoy using paper and pencil to scratch out ideas and communicate those to the different customers and buyers.

This all seemed to work very well, but back in 20 12, I discovered 3DS Max and the power of photo realistic visuals, and this transformed the way that I worked.  By using photo realistic visuals, I was able to communicate more comprehensively the finished ideas I wanted, the materials used, and the feeling that you get.  From a paper sketched design presentation, sometimes you don’t know if the left side, right side are the same, and that there’s an interpretation of what you actually mean.

When you use photo realistic visuals, there is less ambiguity, this builds confidence with the customer.  Since I’ve been working within the landscaping sector, for probably five years or so, I’ve notice that as the design presentations have improved,  with the use the right plant styles, there’s a much bigger buy-in from the customer, and that confidence enables them to spend more money and spend, not just wisely, but they will want to bring your design to fruition with confidence,  and often that involves spending a bit more money. They will do that because they understand what it is that you are trying to bring to them.

I hope that you were looking at using photo realistic visuals as an added extra.  I’m sure your design presentations are all fantastic as they are, but if you’re not using photo realistic visuals, then you are potentially leaving money on the table that your customer, with a bit more confidence, would spend to bring the finished design to fruition.